The Big Release

The Big Release
Oil on Canvas
250cm x 200cm

My most recent project, 'The Big Release' and 'The Release of Everything' are a metaphoric purging of mixed messages and twisted conditioning which can be influential during childhood and which, in adulthood can lead to guilt, self blame, negative internal voices, critical self judgments and fears. And so 'The Big Release' is the eruption of confused identity, taboos and over control. Projectile vomiting the force fed crap - the belief in powerlessness, the belief that a round peg fits into a square hole.

It is the purging of a false life, one's old values and mistaken beliefs, the cruelty of others ignorance or intentional meanness.

The pressure of oppression exploding - exposing an instinct which does not tolerate arrogance. To get to a purer core - the spotless bit of the mind - one’s own truth.